A Dental Implant Can Be Used to Replace a Badly Decayed Tooth

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Untreated cavities can pose any number of complications to your long-term oral health. At first, it might only cause heightened sensitivity. In time, it could cause an infection in the root of the tooth or even result in total tooth loss. If a tooth is this severely decayed, your best course of treatment might be to completely extract the tooth.

Once your gums have healed following extraction, your dentist can help you understand your options for replacing the tooth. One of the most effective methods calls for using a dental implant. This is a titanium abutment that’s inserted directly into the empty socket.

A dental implant in Murray, Utah, requires you to be deeply sedated. This means you will need to arrange to have a friend or family member drive you home afterward.

Titanium is the industry standard for the implant abutment because it is known to be biologically inert. In time, the implant will even fuse to the surrounding bone tissues to create a firm anchor for an eventual dental crown.

Once the abutment is fully integrated with the surrounding bone tissues, Dr. David Powell will make a detailed impression. This will be sent to a dental lab where a custom crown is made to replicate the appearance and function of the tooth.

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