How to Have a Bacteria-Free Toothbrush

Unfortunately, bacteria are attracted to toothbrushes. If you're not careful, your brush could harbor the germs that create sicknesses and even dental issues. This is why it’s recommended to keep your toothbrush clean. To help you do so, Dr. David Powell has some beneficial tips for you. First, wash your... Read more »

Flossing Is Important for Gum Disease Prevention

The American Dental Association recommends flossing your teeth each evening after you are done brushing your teeth. This will help too clean away plaque buildup and food material from between your teeth and the gum line. If they’re not removed on a daily basis, these materials can harden into tartar,... Read more »

Quality Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants

Have you lost the safety and assurance of a tooth that is now missing? We replace missing teeth here at All Care Dentistry with a quality tooth replacement service including dental implants. These are designed to improve your facial structure, the look and function of your smile, as well as... Read more »

Do You Try to Make Sure Your Oral Health Care Is Improving over Time?

Do you try to make sure your oral health care is improving over time? The constant movements in your mouth from chewing and eating food can wear down your teeth and the joints in your jaw. However, that doesn’t mean your teeth will drop out when you are older, as... Read more »

Cap a Cracked Tooth with a CEREC® Crown

Cap a cracked tooth with a CEREC® crown. CEREC dental crowns are customized tooth restoration enhancements used to conceal a broken or damaged tooth. The tooth will be covered and protected against future damage above the gum line. With CEREC crowns, your teeth will be safer and function better too.... Read more »

Are You in Need of a Root Canal Treatment?

Are you in need of a root canal treatment? Root canals are commonly associated with teeth that have cavities or have suffered tooth enamel loss. When your tooth enamel is damaged, bacteria can enter your tooth and cause additional damage. Always speak with our dentist to learn if your teeth... Read more »

Are You Showing Any Signs or Symptoms of Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is a serious disease caused by the breakdown of your gum tissue. The infection progresses over time, and can eventually lead to serious damage to your gums and eventual tooth loss. Many bad habits, including smoking or chewing tobacco, can increase your risk... Read more »

Dental Veneers Are Cosmetic Dentistry Life-Changers!

Dental veneers are cosmetic dentistry life-changers! With veneers, an average smile can turn into a spectacular one. Dental veneers work by applying a small thin shell to the fronts of teeth that can be molded and crafted to suit the needs of the user. With veneers, imperfections can be hidden,... Read more »

Upgrade Your Smile with Teeth Whitening Treatments

Do you suffer from discolored teeth due to tobacco use, or aged teeth? Have you stained your teeth over time from various foods and drinks you have consumed? Are your teeth turning a different color from illnesses or medications? While all these causes can easily result in discolored teeth, there... Read more »

The Truth on Gum Disease

Did you know, gum disease can cause serious problems to your smile? Well, it’s true! Gum disease oftentimes goes unnoticed until it becomes too late to save a tooth. That is why, here at All Care Dentistry, we strive to help you keep your smile healthy and strong for years... Read more »