Tips to Keep Your Dental Crowns Safe

Providing proper care to dental crowns is necessary to increase their durability. It is a dental treatment that can hide the chipped, broken, and discolored teeth for over ten years. Dr. David Powell of Dr. David Powell All Care Dentistry, which is an equipped dentistry that provides effective dental treatments to patients, provides the following tips to keep dental crowns safe.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Dr. Powell advises patients to maintain good oral hygiene to avoid damage to a dental crown. Regular brushing and flossing help to keep the crown clean. He suggests that patients use fluoride toothpaste while brushing, which provides strength to the teeth and avoids decay. It is also necessary to visit the dentist twice a year for a regular dental checkup. Dr. Powell performs dental cleaning, which helps clean off the buildup of plaque and bacteria in the mouth. 

Avoid Chewing on Hard Objects

It is important to avoid chewing on hard objects with the dental crown. Hard or crunchy food like candy and peanut brittle can distort dental restoration. Putting more pressure on the crown may crack or break it, affecting the appearance of the person and their smile. Dr. Powell offers other treatments like dental bonding that can help to repair the affected crown, but it tends to show the line of bonding which may distort the appearance of the smile. 

Stop Grinding Your Teeth

Some patients experience teeth grinding or bruxism, which tend to harm the dental crown. It can be habitual or caused by stress and anxiety. It may wear down the dental crown and fracture the crown material. The patients can opt for treatments that can help to stop teeth grinding.

Make Sure The Teeth Are Aligned

Misaligned teeth can cause bite conditions that may fracture or break the dental crown. The dentists check the alignment of the teeth and fix the abnormalities before they place the crown. The dentists also shape the peak’s shape and size, which avoids bite problems.

Following these tips help to keep the dental crown from cracking or breaking. Our dentists provide instructions that help to maintain it in better form after the dental crown treatment. 

Dr. David Powell All Care Dentistry, located in Salt Lake City, UT, is an equipped dentistry that facilitates the best treatment for patients. Call (801) 266-1414 to know more about dental crowns.

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