Building a Better Smile for Halloween

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If you wish to have a successful Halloween without your smile failing you, prepare to combat dental abrasion. During Halloween, dental abrasion can be at its worst, so it is important to make sure you’re cleaning your mouth effectively but not overdoing it to the point your teeth are extra sensitive, and abrasion is occurring. Here are some helpful treatment plans and guidelines to remember regarding dental abrasion:

Cleaning utensils
– Try to use effective cleaning utensils to lower your risk of dental abrasion. This includes fluoride with little abrasive additives and toothbrushes with soft pretzels and comfortable size brush heads.

Acidic candies
– Avoid acidic candies or similar sweets, as they have a high acidic content and can greatly contribute to the likelihood of dental abrasion being possible later on.

Soft bristles
– To help protect your mouth against dental abrasion, use brushes that have soft bristles and properly sized brush heads.

When not to brush
– Do not brush your teeth after eating, as your teeth can be extra sensitive at this time and your brush can cause further abrasion.

Mouth cleaners
– If acidic foods are eaten, rinse your mouth out with either water or low-abrasive mouthwash.

– Avoid snacking on acidic products. Eat snacks as part of a larger meal to help neutralize the acids.

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