Complete Your Smile with a Dental Bridge

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A dental bridge is a standard way to restore your smile if you have suffered a lost tooth. Dental bridges have been known to be successful for many years, which is why our dentist, Dr. David Powell in Murray, Utah, is happy to talk to you about dental bridges and how they could be an option for you.

Fixed partial dentures are also known as dental bridges. In a nutshell, dental bridges fill in any spaces in your mouth from missing teeth by replacing the missing tooth with a prosthetic one that is fastened to the surrounding teeth. Dental bridges can be made to appear as your natural tooth would and blend into your smile, so others may not notice.

When you have a tooth or two missing, this can dramatically affect the way you talk, eat, or even smile. Your speech can sound different, and eating foods can also become extremely difficult to break down as you eat. That is why having them restored can help you in the long-term. Restoring your lost tooth can also improve the appearance of your smile, which can boost your self-esteem and give you a full smile you can be proud of.

If you are ready to complete your smile with a dental bridge, give us a call at 801-266-1414 to make an appointment. Our friendly team is dedicated to your oral health and happy to help you with every step of your smile restoration today.