Dentistry Year-in-Review: Endodontics

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Did you know that millions of teeth are saved every year through highly complex endodontic treatments such as root canal therapies? It’s true, in fact, root canals can even restore teeth that may have been so far damaged that a tooth extraction may seem like the only alternative. However, our dentist is well-trained to ensure the best chance of success for any teeth that are severely damaged.

Every year in the United States, millions of teeth are saved through the use of treatments such as root canals. Not only can root canals thwart tooth extractions or eventual tooth loss, but it is also even possible for them to restore the functions of a tooth for a lifetime’s worth of support.

Endodontics refers dentistry that focuses solely on the pulp of a tooth and the tissues within a tooth’s root. To restore your tooth back to healthy function, and prevent extracting it, our skilled dentist will clear away the infected and injured tissues inside the tooth pulp, disinfect the tooth, and then fill it with a medicated substance. Next, he will cap your tooth, typically with a dental crown restoration.

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