Oral Health Issues Accompany Serious Disease

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While the field of dentistry has specialties that delve extra deep into particular areas of oral health, there are some serious diseases that require specialist help outside of dentistry itself. These are the diseases that have oral issues as a side-effect of a more serious complication of body health such as diabetes, HIV/AIDS, or lupus.

You may already know about some of the specialist fields within dentistry. For example, there are oral surgeons that have expertise in operating surgically on and within the mouth. There are also periodontists that focus upon patients with gum disease. These are both dental specialties where the practitioner has spend extra time and study to gain expertise in the a specific aspect of oral health. But when a dentist has a patient with a problem outside of his or her expertise, they may refer them to a medical specialist outside of dentistry to work on the other body health issues alongside the oral health problems.

For instance, of the diseases mentioned above, a diabetic will need the help of an endocrinologist to figure out and fix hormonal and blood chemistry imbalances. A person with AIDS or HIV will need to see a doctor with expertise in immunology, and a patient with lupus will require a rheumatologist.

There are difficult oral health conditions that show up before these more serious diseases are diagnosed. There are even some symptoms that seem to have no accompanying disease diagnosis. Researchers are currently studying the connection between overall body health and oral health.

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