Proper Tongue Cleaner Usage

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At any given moment, millions of acids could be sitting on your tongue. Not content to cause bad breath alone, these little bacteria could also be creating a host of other problems. Cleaning your tongue will aid you to defend your oral health, and to do so, you need to be using a tongue scraper correctly. Here are a few instructions you can follow to save your fresh breath and your clean mouth:

–Wash off the tongue scraper before and after use. Bacteria from your tongue could remain on the scraper if it’s left dirty.

-Don’t worry about scraping your tongue in any particular order; no order is more constructive than any other.

-When using the scraper, scrape gently because forceful scraping could hurt your tongue.

-Start at the back of the tongue and pull the scraper forward, eliminating bacteria as you go.

-Clean the top, bottom, and sides of your tongue.

-Wash your oral cavity out with water once you’re finished with the tongue cleaner.

Hopefully, these tongue cleaning tips can help you. Have any extra inquiries about your pearly whites? Feel free to schedule your next visit with Dr. David Powell at All Care Dentistry in Murray, Utah, by calling 801-266-1414 now. We’ll get you penciled in speedily, and we’ll be ecstatic answer any inquiries you have about tongue cleaning.