Quality Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants

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Have you lost the safety and assurance of a tooth that is now missing? We replace missing teeth here at All Care Dentistry with a quality tooth replacement service including dental implants. These are designed to improve your facial structure, the look and function of your smile, as well as giving you a full smile.

A dental implant consists of a realistic-looking tooth made of a certain material and attached directly to the roots of your jawbone to create a long-lasting hold that can endure over the course of a lifetime. This depends on whether or not the jawbone is strong enough to hold or even have dental implants installed. If it’s not able, dentures and dental bridges other great alternatives to perfect your smile again.

Each individual has their own uniquely designed, crafted, and customized dental implants. If these missing teeth are left alone, your teeth around the area start to shift, eventually moving the rest of the teeth as well. This also leaves the area susceptible to bacteria and gums to destabilize. Replacing all missing teeth with dental implants will help avoid issues with your oral health. This can also apply to teeth that need to be extracted. Dental implants can be put in place of the decaying tooth after the gums have healed after extraction.

Contact All Care Dentistry at 801-266-1414 to learn more about which service is the best treatment for your missing teeth. Visit Dr. David Powell and our team at our dentist office here in Murray, Utah by calling 801-266-1414 and scheduling an appointment today. A full smile is the way to improve your life for many years to come.