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Cosmetic dentistry aims at making your smile look more pleasing and attractive. It includes various procedures that may involve making changes to the existing oral tissues, adding dental restorations to the teeth, or using surface applicants to enhance the appearance of your smile. Some of the procedures not only improve your smile’s aesthetics but also strengthen the teeth and improve the functionality of the mouth.

What are the various procedures involved in cosmetic dentistry?

  • Teeth whitening: Teeth whitening is the removal of the stains and discoloration from the teeth surfaces, making them appear whiter. We use a teeth whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide for this purpose. When applied on the teeth surfaces and activated, the gel liberates oxygen molecules, which penetrate the porous surface of the enamel and bleach the stains.
  • Composite bonding: Composite bonding is the procedure of applying a tooth-colored resinous material on the teeth and hardening it using a curing light. It is used to re-contour misshapen or chipped teeth, eliminate excessive gaps between adjacent teeth, cover cracks, and exposed root surfaces, etc.
  • Crowns and bridges: Crowns are tooth-like restorations that look exactly like natural teeth from the outside but are hollow on the inside. They are placed on teeth that need to be restored, such as broken, cracked, chipped, weak, or worn out teeth. Bridges are used to replace missing natural teeth. They are prosthetic teeth bonded in place of the missing ones and are held in place by crowns on either side.
  • Veneers: Veneers are ceramic or composite restorations placed on the frontal surface of the teeth. They cover only the front surface and are used to treat teeth that are chipped, cracked, severely discolored, worn out, etc. They are simple restorations that do not require a lot of preparation and can be completed in as little as one or two consultations with the dentist.
  • Fillings: Fillings are used to restore teeth affected by cavities. They are tooth-colored, which allows them to stay under disguise and indistinguishable from the natural enamel. Since we use dental-grade ceramic or composite resin to make fillings, they can be customized as required and also offer excellent durability.
  • Gum disease: The gums are just as important as the teeth when it comes to the appearance of the smile. Gum diseases can affect the aesthetics and health of the gums, leading to inflammation, bleeding, redness, the decay of tissues, etc. We treat gum diseases by removing the decayed tissues, tartar deposits, and using medication to treat the condition. In the case of a receding gum line, we graft healthy tissues near the affected region, which gradually fuse with the existing ones.

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