Restorations for Implants in Salt Lake City UT

Dental implants are one of the strongest restorations in recent times. They are made from highly durable and strong materials, such as titanium and dental-grade ceramic. Implants are popularly used to replace missing teeth and are the only restorations placed directly in the jawbone in place of the missing teeth. Their excellent properties and various advantages make them the go-to solution for replacing missing teeth.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

  • Dental implants are highly resistant to wear. The dental-grade ceramic crown offers excellent durability, much like the natural enamel.
  • The material can be customized to match the exact aesthetics of the natural teeth. The crown’s color, contour, size, translucency, etc., can be personalized as required to make it absolutely indistinguishable among the adjoining teeth.
  • Implants have screw-like grooves on their surface, which helps to provide the necessary stability and anchorage to the prosthetic tooth.
  • Since implant studs are placed in the jawbone, they improve jawbone health and keep it from deteriorating.
  • Implants restore oral functionality by enabling you to bite and chew food as you always did with all your teeth intact.
  • The success rate of dental implants is significantly higher compared to most other restorations, thanks to the excellent screening procedure.

Restorations for implants

Patients must note that dental implants are the titanium studs placed in the jawbone. They can be combined with various prosthetic restorations to replace missing teeth, depending on the number of units missing. Here are some of the popular prosthetic restorations used with implants:

  • Crowns: A ceramic crown can be placed on a dental implant and secured firmly using dental adhesive and a connecting abutment. This means of teeth restoration is used to replace single missing teeth and is known to be one of the most long-lasting ones.
  • Bridges: Patients who have lost a few teeth in sequence, such as the frontal teeth, can benefit from implant-supported bridges. The dentist will place the implant in the jawbone and fabricate suitable prosthetic bridges to go with them, thereby restoring two to three teeth in a sequence.
  • Dentures: Implants supported dentures offer superior stability and functionality, as the conventional dentures are backed by dental implants. They will have slots underneath that accommodate the implant head, which provides the dentures with the necessary anchorage. Also, they protect jawbone health and keep it from deteriorating.
  • All-on-4: All-on-4 implants are a revolutionary way to restore multiple missing teeth. As the name suggests, the dentist will place four implants in a jawbone and bond customized prosthetic teeth on them to replace all the teeth of the jaw. They are quite a worthy replacement for dentures as they are durable, long-lasting, incredibly stable, and enhance oral functionality.

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