Toothache Treatments for a Healthy Smile

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One key aspect of oral health care that can arise when something is wrong with your smile is a toothache. If you feel pain within a tooth, it is a good sign that something is wrong. Sometimes, it could simply be inflammation or a piece of food stuck between your teeth, but there are many times that the symptoms are indications of an underlying ailment.

Toothaches are usually felt when the nerves inside your tooth are damaged. The nerves in your tooth exist within your pulp, which is the central life-source of a tooth. If your nerves are damaged, then by extension, your pulp is probably also injured, which can lead to imminent tooth loss or worse if the ailment is not taken care of.

If your toothache lasts for longer than 24 hours or if it is still felt after using pain medications, you may require treatment. Look for noticeable symptoms of swelling in your face or discharge around the painful tooth. Furthermore, there may be a visible abscess present or a feeling of increased sensitivity within your teeth. Other symptoms include high fevers, recurring chills, and sporadic facial rashes. As with any oral irregularity, seek the assistance of your dentist.

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