What Are Your Treatment Options When It Comes to Gum Disease?

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When fighting gum disease, this means you currently have some level of inflammation or infection of your gum tissue. This is brought about by bacterial plaque which attacks and harms your gums. Treating this disease depends on the severity of the inflammation.

Treatment will be determined by how we can control the infection. No matter what additional treatment options are prescribed, you will be needing to brush and floss at home every day to get rid of harmful plaque and prevent it from building up along the gum line.

You will also be advised to cease using tobacco products, as they can severely impact the healing of your gum tissue. Improving your diet by including healthy options providing vitamins such as vitamin C can support gum health.

In addition, our dentist team strives to get rid of plaque with a deep-cleaning method commonly known as “scaling and root planing”. When we do scaling, we are actually scraping tartar off above and below the gum line. With root planing, we get smooth out the rough spots on the tooth root which prevents bacteria from clinging to it moving forward. Scaling and root planing can be done with a laser, which means less bleeding, swelling, and discomfort to you than the traditional conventional deep cleaning method. Medications might also be needed to stem the infection in the gums.

You will need to brush and floss every day to get rid of dental plaque that builds up on teeth and gums. Using a fluoride toothpaste can support your teeth, and flossing between the teeth and around the gumline gets rid of plaque there. Your at-home measures are supported by recommended professional dental cleanings.

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