All You Need to Know About Root Canal

A root canal is an oral procedure that removes the infected pulp caused by bacteria and tooth decay from the teeth. The procedure decontaminates the tooth and provides a filling for the tooth’s inner chamber to avoid the spread of infections. Dr. David Powell All Care Dentistry has expert dentists who perform root canal treatments for our patients. 

Benefits of Root Canal

  • Root canal treatment helps to stop the spread of infection caused by bacteria.
  • It preserves the tooth and avoids tooth loss.
  • The treatment maintains the appearance of the person by preventing tooth extractions. 
  • Root canal enhances the overall dental health of the patient.
  • It is a cost-effective treatment compared to tooth extraction. 

The Root Canal Process

The dental surgeon begins the procedure by doing a complete dental checkup to analyze the patient’s dental condition. It helps the dentist to frame the treatment plan. The treatment plan will then be set in motion by administering anesthesia to the patient to numb the area to be treated. 

The dentist will then make a small access hole on the infected tooth. Small files are then used to remove the pulp from the inner chamber of the tooth. The dentist then disinfects the tooth to destroy the bacteria buildup. The dentist fills the inner chamber with a material of choice and seals it with dental cement. This part of the process helps to avoid further infections in the tooth. 

Recovery After Root Canal

The dentists will advise the patients to provide complete care to the tooth after the root canal procedure. Mild discomfort after the treatment is common and will recede after some time. In fact, the procedure causes less pain compared to the pain caused by the infection. The dentist then prescribes painkillers that can be consumed to reduce discomfort.

Regular dental care like brushing and flossing helps to keep the teeth clean. Dentists also provide antiseptic mouthwash that helps to maintain better dental hygiene. A follow-up visit to the dentistry is mandatory to analyze the healing process.

Root Canal is an essential procedure that treats tooth infections efficiently. It ensures good oral health and enables the preservation of teeth. Not treating the infected tooth can cause an abscess, infecting the tissue around the teeth.


Dr. David Powell All Care Dentistry has modern technologies that enable better treatment for patients. Call (801) 266-1414 and book a consultation with the dentistry to know more about dental treatments and receive a complete dental checkup.

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