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Cavities are one of the most common oral conditions that affect individuals of all age groups. They are caused due to the erosion of the enamel by the microbes in the mouth, as they release toxins when they feed on the food residues. Over time, the cavity grows in size and can reach the central root canal cavity, leading to a root canal infection. Hence, it is recommended to get them treated in the initial stages itself to keep them from taking a toll on your oral health.

What are onlays?

Onlays are alternatives to dental fillings. They are custom-fabricated ceramic restorations that are placed directly in the cavities, thus restoring their contour, functionality, and aesthetics. When it comes to restoring teeth with large cavities, we often choose onlays over dental fillings as they restore the strength of the teeth and offer superior properties.

Why choose onlays over fillings?

When a cavity is left untreated for a long duration, it could grow broader and deeper. When filling material is used to restore such teeth, their strength can diminish, making them highly susceptible to cracks, chipping, and other forms of structural damage. But, when onlays are placed instead of fillings, their strength will be restored by up to 90% as they are solid structures.

How are onlays placed?

When you visit our dental practice to get your cavities treated, we will thoroughly diagnose them and come up with a suitable treatment plan. If the cavity is small, we will remove the decay by scaling and applying a suitable filling material. But, if the cavity is relatively larger, we will restore it using an onlay.

The dentist will thoroughly clean the cavity and remove the decay from it. Its walls will be scrubbed and disinfected to eliminate the bacteria. We will take a highly-precise digital impression of the tooth and its cavity, which will be used to create a 3D digital mold. This data will be shared with a dental laboratory, where it will be used as a reference for fabricating the onlay. The fabrication process may require a few days, after which we will schedule the second consultation to fix the restoration.

We will thoroughly clean the tooth and roughen the cavity using an etching solution. The onlay will be placed in it, checked for fit, and if any changes are required, the dentist will make them. Once the contour is confirmed, we will bond the onlay permanently in place and conduct a bite test. It will be polished if required to enhance the appearance.

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