Start the New Year Off With a Bang By Creating a Healthier, More Beautiful Smile

Whenever a new year begins, we often feel compelled to make plans for better habits and improved health. Along with your overall health, focusing on your dental health can significantly impact your wellbeing. 

This year, you can start things off with a bang by creating a healthier and more beautiful smile. Keep reading to learn more about what steps you can take to improve your smile and oral health. 

Brush at Least Twice a Day

Brushing your teeth effectively eliminates dangerous plaque, protecting your smile from gum disease and tooth decay. Brush your teeth to eliminate oral debris from the front, top, and rear surfaces for about two minutes twice a day. 

Floss at Least Once a Day

Brushing alone is not effective in removing plaque and food particles stuck between your teeth. Flossing, on the other hand, is very useful for preventing plaque and tartar accumulations in these hard-to-reach areas. Ideally, you should floss your teeth at least once a day. 

Individuals who floss regularly have healthier gums, which are critical for tooth support. Flossing regularly also helps prevent gum inflammation, bad breath, and gum disease. 

Choose Healthier Foods and Drinks 

A healthier diet is frequently on the list of new year's resolutions. A smile-healthy diet is low on sugar. Keeping sugary foods and beverages out of your diet improves your teeth, gums, and waistline. Sugar is not only empty calories, but it also feeds the nasty mouth bacteria that cause cavities. 

Quit Smoking

Your teeth and your health will suffer if you smoke. Tobacco use contributes to foul breath, discolors teeth, and increases the risk of cavities, gum recession, gum disease, and tooth loss, not to mention oral cancer.

The new year is an excellent opportunity for a new beginning and a healthier body and smile. So, add quitting smoking to your list of goals for this year. 

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