The Scoop on Cavities and How to Prevent Them

Tooth cavities are tiny holes in the enamel structure that cause significant oral problems. They develop when the acids present in the foods and certain oral bacteria attack a tooth's protective outer covering. The primary reason for cavities is the lack of efficient oral hygiene. If the cavities are not addressed on time, the harmful bacteria can further penetrate the porous enamel layer leading to further complicated dental issues. But the good part is that cavities can be prevented, and it is possible to retain your natural teeth for life.

Here are a few valuable tips to prevent cavities:

Brush & Floss Daily

Cavity prevention begins with proper oral hygiene practices. This will help eliminate the plaque, a sticky layer that accumulates harmful bacteria and food particles. Flossing is particularly critical as a toothbrush cannot reach the difficult areas between the teeth. Hence make sure to floss at least once a day on all the sides of every tooth, including the back molars. Brush your teeth without fail at least twice a day, using fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride minerals will strengthen your enamel structure and prevent cavity formation. 

Follow a Healthy Diet

Certain foods and beverages can be harmful to your oral structures. Soda and sports drinks contain acids that attack the tooth enamel and make your teeth more vulnerable to decay and cavities. Sugary and starchy foods can also be a reason for oral cavities. When this food debris is not rinsed from your mouth promptly, it can raise the acidity level in your mouth and encourage the development of cavities. 

Drink Water

Drinking lots of water will be much better for your oral health. Water is wholly non-acidic and helps replenish your saliva, which has natural cavity-fighting qualities.

Schedule Dental Visits

Regular exams and professional teeth cleanings are techniques that will help maintain your oral health. A dental provider will thoroughly clean all the areas of your mouth, including the back molars having deep crevices. It will help your dentist look for early signs of decay and take prompt preventive care, mainly if you are prone to cavities. The preventative treatments include sealants and fluoride applications that are quick and effective procedures to address cavities. If necessary, a medicated mouthwash will be recommended to help in your oral hygiene routine.  

Working together, we can make sure you are following an efficient oral hygiene routine and keep the cavities at bay. If you have questions about cavity prevention, visit our office, All Care Dentistry, at 6065 S Fashion Blvd # 275, Murray, Salt Lake City, UT 84107. You can also reach us at (801) 266-1414.

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